Flying with a detector

Has anyone had any experience flying domestic with there detector?
Im hoping to just carry it on.

If you break it down and put it in your carry on luggage you should be ok - I have thought of doing that myself so that I can pillage the Coromandel. In all probability you would have to put it in luggage compartment above head or under seat if it fits but they take laptops in carry on luggage so a detector should be no problem

Yes you can do a metal detector as carry on with Air NZ Domestic as long as carry on does not exceed size and weight allowance.

Overseas travel it must be in the luggage hold…not carry on.

@Lammerlaw Just take the head unit and coil off and tell everyone it’s a crutch… Although I recently acquired an Anderson shaft for my Excal, and now it all now fits nicely in a smallish cargo bag (with the standard coil, not the WOT)

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My Equinox and Gold Monster would take down nicely to go in carry bag but I do like your idea.

Dam, unbroken its just outside the 1.18m limit and broken down it doesn’t fit in my bag. Will call them and see if I can plead its no bigger than a walking stick…

Mudwiggle’s idea could be a good one if you can put head and control box in carry aboard luggage bad and use the shaft as a crutch - wear shorts and wrap leg in a bandage to give it realism!

@Muftin What about couriering the shaft to your destination? Take the smarts onboard with you.

Put the coil in your bag, put a rubber tip on the shaft and suddenly it’s an elbow crutch. You might even get a free seat upgrade if you limp a bit.


Mudwiggle - after seeing how courier drivers and the warehouse staff treat items, im reluctant to send anything that doesn’t need to be

I fly with my ctx 3030 all the time. Break it down as much as you can. Shaft fits diagonally in Large size dive bag, quicksilver trolley bag or backpack.
Control box and battery in carry on. Some airlines have different rules for whether batteries go in carry on or checked luggage either way they will want a strip of tape over the battery terminals.
Baggage handlers are rough as so expect damage.

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No problem traveling with my Excal. Just dismantle the coil and controls, bring out my limp and away we go.


I travelled to Hawaii with my detector on air NZ and there was no problem. You might want to remove the battery’s though.

I have a fold down Minelab and took it on a domestic flight as carry on after taking the batteries out. I had asked if I could carry it on at check in, they said size was okay but batteries out. I made Avsec’s day before boarding from Wgtn and the item was searched, me questioned and that was that.
International rules are something else though.

Whenever I’ve flown to Oz airport security have taken a bit more of an interest in me. Never any issues though, just give yourself a little extra time just in case.

One wise-arse WA security guy I encountered…

Security: Swabbing me down with one of those detection sticks, “you’ve seen one of these before?”.
Me: “Sure, I’ve seen the airport security programs on TV. They pick up trace elements of drugs and the like.”
Security: “I’m just testing for bomb residue.”
Security: Just back from the testing machine, “you’ll be glad to hear you didn’t test positive for bomb residue… I did detect cocaine though.”
Me: laughed, “yeah right” and walked away.

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