Fisher Gold Bug Pro for sale with 5" & 10" coils - SOLD

Anyone interested in buying a Fisher Gold Bug Pro with both a 5" and 10" coil.

Well looked after and In excellent working order. I used it mainly for gold detecting, but it works well for relic hunting as well with the larger coil.

is that the same one you were using when you found that gold when we went out that day?

@kiwikeith the very same :slight_smile:

Hi Gavin, how much are you after for the gold bug?


I’m hoping for $800, but haven’t researched how much they’re worth at the moment.


Ok, thanks. Will think it over

still forsale? is as good or better than the GB II?

Yep, still for sale. Sorry for the late reply, been bush.

I thought it was a better option than the GB II from my research and easier to use. But I’ve never had a first hand go with the II so can’t give a direct first hand opinion. The GB Pro can pick up “fly shit” gold, so pretty capable.

OK, thanx Gavin, I will get back in touch next week