First time with Minelab Go Find 60

I recently purchased a Minelab GO FIND 60 and tested it at my daughters after she had a building extension done and was wanting to make sure there were no nails and screws in the driveway.
What we found blew her away with the total of number of Nails, Screws, Wire and other pieces of tin and broken screw bit.
In total we picked up 50 plus items in just over an hour and a half before the heavy rain started and we stopped our search.
Some of these items were around 250mm in the gravel and we also picked up a signal from the Reinforcements bar in a concrete pipe which was buried 300mm down
Since that first time out I noticed my neighbour was walking our joint metal driveway looking for a lost silver chain which she had lost earlier that morning whilst feeding out hay to their steers. I mentioned I had a metal detector and if she wanted to have a try with it she could borrow it as I was going out that afternoon.
I had to admit I was not thinking she would find her lost necklace as the distances she would have walked was about 300M.
To my surprise I had a knock on the door later the next day and a smiling very happy lady holding a bottle of wine and her lost necklace which she had found buried in the grass in the paddock.
As she was only given 5 minutes tuition on the use of the GO FIND 60 the previous day.
I can only say the MineLab Go Find 60 is a great first time detector that anyone can use for under $400.


Thats cool. Always nice to hear a success story. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Good luck out there

JW :slight_smile:

Hi Robyn
Thanks for the reply can you tell me how do you post pictures on the Paydir site as I can,t work that one out yet.
I am about to go back to clear the rest of my daughters driveway this morning as I dont want to get a nail in my tyres after what I found last time .
I have a few beach spots that I want to look at but have yet to get a beach shovel that can wash out and drain the sand off better than my home made plastic pipe with holes as I find it too time consuming to keep getting up and down in the wet sand to keep checking with the detector.

“Reply” to the message,top tool bar click on arrow pointing up “upload”,upload window comes up so “select files” on your device,browse,find and open your photo file…done!!


As you can seeall those nice screws and nails I found make the price of the Go Find 60 cheap and will be covered by not getting many many punctures over the next few years on my daughterd driveway.

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I like that philosophy!