First time with Minelab equinox800 back yard

Well the Equinox arrived today (saturday delivery) thanks Dan.

First time swinging something useful in the yard, and what sounded like mess with the previous unit came up as well defined targets.

First wild coin, an old 5c NZ coin that has seem better days.
Interesting item were copper rivits (look like washers) possibly from an old style canvas tent.

Taught myself a lessen though, never throw bottle tops into the yard!. Haha


Definitely tarp grommets. Good to see iron, foil and 5c pieces - That’s where the yellow metal tends to sit wth detectors.

You didn’t peddle a Hobie about 10yrs ago, did you?

Haha yep thats me, ex hobie fisho…

HLD in his other incarnation at your service… :grin:

I remember you from the forum, i think we caught up in papaaroha one year…

Stil yakking?

Hi ya Quick question for you :slight_smile:
I am going to be getting my metal detector shortly to be honest kind of torn between the nox 800 or the AT max international but how are you finding your nox 800 with ease of use etc any issues ?

To be honest, after having a cheap amd cheerful MD3010 ii from china, it is good to have a metal detector that actually distinguishes targets.

I have found it easy to use and very sensitive to the smallest of objects.

Getting it up and running out of the box couldn’t be any easier, with interference tuning and ground balance being a peice of cake.

I was thinking of the xp deus or the minelab eq800, and i am very satisfied with my choice.

As far as gold goes, i am in the north island so i am not sure if i will get the chance to detect for gold (still waiting for an invite, hint hint anyone).

I couldnt recommend the eq800 enough, and recommend dredgenz as the place to buy from.

Hope this helps.

Hey Matt
Yup thanks mate really helps me out, I to am in the north island but will be traveling around to the south island to find some of the shinning stuff lol or try.

am I right in thinking that the Nox has a re chargeable battery pack ?
if so any ideas how long it lasts for ?


Not sure how long the battery lasts for, i did 5 hours on one day and the battery bar didnt move.

Battery lasts approximately 12 hours on a full charge.

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Thats good to know, apparently the performance degrades as the battery level runs low as well.