First time out on the beach

Had my very first go at beach detecting this weekend,with the mighty GM1000 in toe…which I had only ever used on in the rivers but found it a bit squaky in deep mode with fine gold…but the light beach sand was quite different.
Finally sort of got the hang of it …and was getting bottle tops 300-350mm deep which was cool…not much else…
The spot I came here for was a bedrock floor at the base of a huge sand dune that everybody slides down so hoping for a gold coin donation at the bottom but instead I got a array of big iron bits …the remains of the old wool loading jetty from 1930’s I expect.
Castlepoint was pretty spectacular on Sunday morning which lead me to think… I bet that detectorist have seen many a beautiful sunrises …best part of the day.
Kids had go also and all up was great weekend…not working!..and dad did enjoy the peaches on the beaches.oh and the other fruit…mangos.!…I guess you gotta do the time if you want to find something good.!!


Neat shoe
And yes, watched many sun/moon rises. Often down tools for the few minutes as they first break the skyline.


Hi Mal, check out my post from last year, there is still my lost gold ring to find at Castlepoint!

I’ll have to check next time I’m there…does it make me disappear when I touch it or give me special powers?
…lol…cheers Carl