First ring made for the Mrs

Here’s a pic of a ring I made for the Mrs the other day. It’s a bit rough but she likes it


You could always file & polish it, though it would lose some appeal, it will polish with use.
Great work.
Did you cast it, or hammer it?

Just hammered it. Hope she doesn’t loose it at the beach for anyone else to find.:grin:

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Alls good at least you, ve found gold .my wife would have to make do with a ring of nails ,I seem to find a lot of these

Hope for you yet @Gizouta :laughing:
Polish those buggers up…


You can bet you’re boots that I could not get my nails to look like that, if I gave that sort of gift to my wife ,she would say is that the best you can do throw it away and tell me to go out and find something better you know dig some more holes

And that’s how it works :slight_smile:
I get told frequently, “I don’t like this gold ring - go out and find something better…”

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Ha, at least you get told to “go out” and find something better.

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Being single I get to wear all the rings :rofl:

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I would love to wear the rings I find, except 99.5% hardly even fit on my little finger!
I truly believe NZ is inhabited by hobbits!