First Ring and the Usual suspects

Another trip to the beach, my first ring some spendies and the usual junk.

The interior marks, possibly a CZ indicating Cubic Zirconia stones?

DW the jeweller?

and of course a trip to the beach would be incomplete without the usual junk.


hi, are you sure its not a funny t as in 9ct i think i can remember that ld mark i think it may mean 46 microns of gold guilding,iam not positive as the ld mark i saw was on an american ring,get it tested to be sure.

I’m with Roy on this. I think it’s 9 carat. Either way nice find. Congrats

My first thoughts were 9 ct but after much screwing up of eyeballs I talked myself into it being a cz, but I think you are right. Cheers

Thanks it was a pleasant surprise.

looks like 9ct to me!