First Military Item? Help please

This could be my first military find!

However, the only other ‘look alike’ I can find contains a rather uncertain description of it as a Boer/Crimea/WW1 piece of British officer’s kit.

Any interjections that refine the date and place of origin are welcome. The place where this washed up did see British soldiers go past at (almost) all the mentioned stages.

After reading this history of the fork, I am inclined to believe it is early based on number of tines. And this, albeit brief,history of British military kit suggests that separate cutlery pieces were carried by the enlisted. I too lean early but am uncertain, please help.


Any stamps at all, maybe at the base of the fork?
Looking at the assymetrical shoulder to the fork, I’d say you have a 90-95% match there
image image

It’s a neat find and nice to see something different :+1:

I didn’t uncover any where I’d expect to find them, some sediment comes off easily, I’m not pushing my luck, hence I think it’s a match, I might offer it to a conservator to chip off the rest of the concretised sediment if our consensus on era of military kit places it pre WW1, as the blade is in there I believe and I’d hate to butcher it. Now how did it get in the harbour? If anyone has knowledge on whether this piece of kit was specific to the Crimea or Boer war, please share.

Just a thought, perhaps no markings on field kit was for colonial OPSEC?

Official issue would be stamped. If British a date and broad arrow. It could well be military but I do not recognize it but then again I don’t know everything. I am keen to find out myself though. The three tynes does not necessarily mean too early though. My grandfather was born in about 1891 and in the Twenties or thirties bought a set of three tyned forks as they were easy for hold as they had larger handles…he had blown half his paw off. Nice find though and possibly more from me later.

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I had a look through my book ‘New Zealand Army Personal Equipment’ and cannot find it so it could well be either one of three things…an early camping set as purchased in sports shops circa WWI era or maybe foreign military issue in which case an identifying mark should be present eg broad arrow, date, WD, etc or a soldiers personal private purchase utensil set. In the book it shows a couple of soldiers private sets and one is a clip together knife, fork and spoon and the other is merely a standard knife, fork and spoon.

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I’ve offered it up to conservators, I feel better doing that than having a go at it, I’ve never got concretised sediment off my beach coins so whatever I’m doing isn’t optimal, and will post any updates.

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I think its a cracker but now dont think it is a military one but rather a commercial one. I think it dates circa 1910. Certainly interesting and especially the three prongs and basic shape. I know that if it was in ace condition I would go gaa gaa over it but none the less a great find with a story to tell.

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I cant be sure, in fact, it seems the British have trouble with being sure if no marks excludes it as military but I’m keen to find out. Well, they’re out there, maybe even better preserved in dirt somewhere not protected under heritage law.