First Finds With The Monster

Here are some nice flakes from the public fossicking area in Ross, all found with the GM 1000. Found a nice piece in Alexandra as well, but unfortunately I’ve got no photos of it…

I’m really proud since these are my first ever detected gold flakes! And they were all found on the very same day. What’s funny is that when I left the camping ground in Ross that morning, to do some panning up the creek, I was determined to find something with the detector. And so I did! Hopefully there are plenty more to be found in the creeks around the South Island.

I’ll continue my hunt until I come across the nugget that has haunted my dreams for so long.

Stubborn? Hell yeah! :innocent:


You will get your nugget and GREAT GOING - theres gold to be found and if you persevere then it shall be yours


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Whilst the rest of us have been overheating in the 30+ degrees this week The goldenboy has been living the dream swimming in the river dredging up some lute for the last 5 or 6 days .Will be interesting to see what he has found & if the gold keeps going :smile: or has played out :frowning:


He’s already had a better week than me, and I’m rather envious…

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You feel like eating when it’s this hot?
I feel like dying :joy:

Good effort and thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I need to try out one of those monsters myself! How do you find it for discriminating out the junk? May issues with hot rocks?

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Sure do Gp …2 sausages in every can


Sorry for late replay :sweat_smile:

The discrimination is good. Usually hunt in “deep mode” and then switch back to gold mode once I get a good signal, to make sure it’s not iron. Although sometimes it can’t make up its mind whether it’s a good target or not, in that case I dig it anyway. Have had some problems with false signals on some grounds and the coil cable is very sensitive of getting bumps. However, if there’s anything good in the ground it will let you know for sure :grin: