First find of summer

Hi every one im very new here . Took my daughter out with me for a bit of fun and managed to dig these up. Not much compared to others but for me it’s very exciting lol



Small beginnings, gradually raising the bar each time you find something new. You’re obviously enjoying the discovery so that’s a great start.

A good start and the finds clearly indicate that you are ‘hooked’ on the hobby!

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Lol yes very true. The bullet casing seems to be a Winchester 308

Welcome, once you get bitten by the detecting bug bloody near impossible to recover from it. From humble beginnings each new find drives you on to find more and better targets !!
Always exciting digging a target to see what it is and if you’ve read the signal right as to what it actually is.
Go hard and have fun

Thank and yes …my poor daughter has been dragged all over Christchurch beaches lol. Found this , no idea what it is tho

I think you will find that it is a release ring on a latch. you put your finger through the ring and lifted, this in turn retracted the snib on the latch and the door would open. Well thats what im pretty sure it is.
Good stuff, keep on swinging !!

This is the latch I am talking about, you,ve found the ring part.

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Perfect ,that’s what it is …thanks for that . I was thinking along the shames lines.

That was good identification - I looked at that brass ring and thought that I had seen it before and then of courseX-TerraGold identifies it - I am now kicing myself as I have one of those latches - my Mudderinlaw died about fifteenyears ago and when I moved the washing machine there was a trap door in the floor with one of those latches.

Now I thought to myself - ‘Thats a might grand sort of a latch and too good to be there’ so needless to say it did a disappearing act and now reside…somewhere here, I know not where! In other words I grabbed it for use in a project - yet to be decided!

I must go look for it!

Welcome Marty…Im new at this too. I’m in Chch and bought my detector last year but have only managed to get out a few times… absolutely love it.
I havent found anything worth posting yet but if I do I will be taking some pics.

Hi susan I have been out almost every day these school holidays . It’s very addictive lol. I’m out rolleston way . Most of my recent finds have been modern coins . I would be happy to go on a hunt together if that’s something you are interested in.

Hi Marty, Yes would love to. Do you come into town often?

Yup it’s easy enough for me to get into town

My number is 0221544613. Im available most days so would love to go when you have some spare time. Just txt when you’re free

Great, thanks for that . Ill give you a text