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First day with my nox

I went up to an old gold mining site today to use my new nox for the first time and tryed my luck round the old stacked rocks where there had been hydraulic sluicing way back in the day .I didn’t get anything through there so I went up the creek for a look in the bed rock and it wasn’t looking good till I got an actual signal which was between 9 and 14 on the screen so I bent down and looked in the crack and thought I seen a thin sliver of yellow so I got the tweezers out and pulled out my first ever nugget which is the big one in the photo …so I done a little dance then tryed again and got another signal about 8 inches away and pulled out the next biggest .
I had a bit more of a scratch round and ended up with all this .
Needless to say I’m pretty damn happy with the outcome .the large one is just under 1.5 grm .


That’s an awesome result! You’ll be paying the new toy off in no time with those sorts of results!!


Wow that is a fantastic outcome for a first hunt.


A great beginning with your new toy…well done.


were you using the 6inch coil or the one it came with, i like the 6 inch.

Great work,That’s the 1.
I’ve ordered mine from Dan but waiting for it on back order. I feel like a small child waiting patiently at the Xmas tree.

6 inch mate didn’t bother with 11

Oh nice yea I was pretty excited waiting for mine .

congratulations mate thats a nice little haul for sure well done man…!!!

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Nice work, gives me hope for finding some with mine. Leave some for me!


Great finds. What toy are you using?

Thanks .it’s an equanox 800 .bloody fun

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