First coin first clean liking it so far

G’day people i just started and this is my first fined


That’s not bad. The cupro nickels can be hard to shift the staining.
Nice to get a pre-decimal as a first coin too.

Onwards and downwards - Welcome to the Monkey-House :grin:

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That 1953 threepence is one of the harder coins to find with it’s Target ID being so low being cupro nickel and so thin. You’ve done a reasonable job cleaning it up. I’m surprised it’s still got the silver look to it after your cleaning. If you can find it, then it won’t be long and you’ll have a silver threepence.

looks like you ,r on the beach its hard to get them looking presentable when they have been in the salt,they will be easier when you get them from the land.

Thank you i cant belief how exiting this is been sick in bed and only thinking bout going back and see if i find more.
Just wondering why lots of people keep the rubbish as i keep it and trow it in the bin.

I found 3 more but 2 are very damaged and one looks cool


The shilling is a good find, 50% silver. Looks in good condition too.

Hello Dutchy, welcome! Im quite new to detecting as well and still trying to figure out how this site works.

Im bumed been in bed all weekend flu really wanna go back out there lol what detector you use

Poor you, its awful I know. Hope you get over it soon. I have a Minelab XTerra 705…how about you?

Depending on where you’re hunting, the scrap metals might come in in large enough quantities to be worth collecting and taking to a scrap dealer every so often.
Some folks are in areas which have a history of shipbuilding etc, so copper, brass and bronze are plentiful. I only collect the lead as that’s the most prolific by catch for me, and returns a couple of hundred dollars a year.

Bit of trivia, if there’s an ‘I’ on that Aussie ha’penny as below, it was minted in Calcutta, India. image

Great start for your new hobby

Thanks im keen to go but my wife gives me those looks of WTF are you up to been wellding some shovels and fixing others to suit me she loves that i found a new hobby but clearly not getting it but than again that often works both ways lol

Ok im done worried if i clean it anymore i may damage it


Lovely. So thats not silver? How did you clean it?

Start to finish took a few days of soaking and utrasonic sesions before it came out like that


What did you use to clean it with Hans? It looks great


I am using alsorts of stuf that i nr8wired up myself and after it had a soak i put it in the ultrasonice cleaner than go with a fine needle and touch the rusty bits wich fall off and than again till it is like the last pics after every cicle i wd40 it and leave it for a few hours

Thanks for that. Your patience has paid off

Yea if the chch coilers ever meet ill bring you some of the cleaning mix