Fine Gold Recovery and Smelting

Hi Ya All

I’m thinking about starting up a service for those who end up with fine gold concentrates and no way of processing it successfully. Plus provide a smelting option for small amounts of easily recoverable gold, that you have panned out yourselves. When selling gold to a reputable gold buyer, He takes melt loss into account, usually when offering you a price for your gold. Usually his estimated melt loss will be higher than the actual melt loss, that will occur. Plus they also estimate the assay value. (Purity) Usually around 95 per cent. Simply put, melted gold commands a higher price. As melting with flux’s increases the assay value. All the gold I have sold over the many years, I have always melted and got top dollar. In the vicinity of over 300 ounces. Being a beach black sander for over 20 years, means I am well versed in the recovery and treatment of flour gold and larger. Plus of course I dredged also, so alluvial of all sizes became my friend.

Off course there will be a fee to process your gold. But that won’t be over the moon. I ain’t out to get rich with this little venture, more to provide a service, cover my costs and perhaps a little pocket money.

I have a mini furnace coming out from the States, and I can pour ingots up to one ounce and down to quarter of an ounce and anywhere in between. If the demand is there, I can always go a little bigger.

At this stage I envisage this will be how it all works. You courier your concentrates to me here in Westport. Sealed plastic Ice Cream containers would suffice. I acknowledge there arrival by email or txt. The end result gold will be couriered back, using track and trace. Please note NZ Post will only cover losses up to $2000.00 if the package goes astray. Of course coasters can drop off and pick up. Should they wish.

For fine gold. They will be treated thus. Run through my Gold Cube twice.(Remember I am Mr Gold Cube) . When I am happy that all the gold has been caught. It will then be placed in mercury and amalgamated on my amalgamator. The mercury will then be separated out. Squeezed to obtain a ball of amalgam. And thence to the retort. Where the mercury is boiled off and recovered. And I am left with a ball of gold sponge, which is then melted and poured, Pics of the process will be sent via cellphone. So as you can see it is a somewhat lengthy process. But I can guarantee I will achieve a 98.9 per cent recovery of your fine gold.

As to my honesty. My father signed my autograph book when I was five years old. “Honesty is the best Policy” and I have stuck by those principles throughout my life. Also did 36 years with the NZ Police.

Anyway at the moment I just want to see if there are expressions of interest for this service. Of course if there is, first question will be. “How Much” that’s a tad hard to work out at the moment, but I will give a ball park figure of around the equivalent cash value of a gram of gold.
Hopefully I won’t be inundated with replies lol.
So if interested save up your concentrate. And I will see where this goes.

Cheers Trev aka “The Mad Hatter”


Hi Trev are you still doing the fine gold extraction? I am a newbie and collected an ice-cream container of river sand and fine gold in my travels. I haven’t found a way to extract the fine fine gold which sparkling back at me from the gold pan, it literally just floats way around the pan.