Finds from the new spot

Hi all,well been in the wilderness for a while,but back on track.some finds from the new spot I’m currently hunting,turning out to be a good spot,considering it looks like nothing,research pays! happy hunting everyone.


Curious! Any photos of finds to share?

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not sure how to find photo and to load it to topic

If you’re on a PC / Mac you can drag and drop the photo straight into the message you’re editing.

thank you gavin ,just couldn’t remember how to do that,but all good now.

Hi Beep Beep, that’s a lot of nice silver! Three half crowns…nice one. Looks like your on to a great spot, well done on the research :mag:

cheers iggy,had my eyes on this spot for a while,so did some research and found out it was really busy in the old days,so will keep digging.

Wow, that’s a good haul of silver!

Heck! That is amazing, welldone. Keep us updated.

thanks m8,i,ll keep posting as the finds keep coming.

Look forward to hearing about some of your future hunts and good luck with your spot! Keep an eye out for some cool upcoming competitions, which may be of interest to you :blush:

thank you iggy,will be checking in regularly,love competitions.

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impressive silver count

yeah thanks roy,i actually found five half crowns,3 silver two copper/nickle,so ill keep digging,good luck out there.

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