Finding Gold deposits using Google earth program

Over the last ten years i have found thousands of images on Google earth though over 50 countries and all the oceans. Hundreds of those i believe are mineral deposits.Massive gold deposits and other minerals. Unfortunately the majority of those are in very remote areas and hard to get to locations.

Even though these days i don;t use Google earth as much as i had in the past.I have not had the opportunity to visit any gold deposit areas especially those close to me in Tasmania.Many of the larger gold deposits are in the Australia desert areas and in the Mountains of South America.I was more interested in the hundreds of ancient ruins and ship wrecks i have found on Google earth.One ship wreck in particular which could change the history of Australia.

Anyway I have found plenty of gold deposits in New Zealand too.If anyone wants me to check a particular area out on Google earth.Thats fine.

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Maybe flick us an example in NZ and post here. I’m sure there’ll be a mini gold rush by members to check it out if it sounds plausible they’ll let you know here :wink:


i can send some intreasting locations for you to check out.


Cheers, I look forward to it!

Would like to learn how to check out Google for prospecting in Southland NZ
Perhaps consult with a geologist could be of benefit also

Most of the areas where i have found gold deposits in New Zealand are on the South island mountain area in the Notional parks.I did find a large Gold deposit on the west side of Mt Ruapehu on the north island.The current image of that mountain area is winter photo.I have the summer image of that area showing a possible gold deposit.

I also wonder about a lot of places close to where I live but when I mention it get told nah nothing this side of the hills!! Wish didn’t have to work full time otherwise I’d be gone trying to find out lol

I would be keen on some locations too. Im on the west coast of the south island although i will also be back on great barrier island in a few months

This is very interesting. I use geological maps overlayed on google earth to find old morene or river deposits but must admit my tehnique is sometimes dissapointing on the field :slight_smile: I think it would be very interesting for alot of us to know how you do it if you are willing to share :slight_smile:

Gold deposit are hard to find even on Google earth.I believe only 20% of the possible gold deposits i have found on Google earth are infact gold deposits.Out of 2,000 i believe i have found.Only about 200 are the real deal.But these have to be massive deposits to see them from a great hight. The ones in the Australian desert are massive.One in particular runs like a giant vein across the bottom of a mountain for hundreds of meters. Why have they not been discovered before.Like the one in South America.I believe a massive land slides or earthquakes occurred to reveal that massive gold deposit,It also good to look in areas where gold has been discovered before.

I’m pretty interested to have a look at those locations on a map that you talk about…?

nice reading ive been doing day trips from invercargil nz mayby you could give me a hot spot to have a look cheers rob
and thanks for the add gavin

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Hi Rob

I will have a look at that area on Google earth to see if i can find anything interesting in that area,will post locations if i find anything. have a site on which there is for a Google Maparchive data which shows the mines which are on the planet, including New Zealand and Australia.

The first is a reference to the site, the second link generated file for NZ.

find interesting location on these maps.and I’ll be able to find somewhere else to look for gold in the wrong place.

to me it is more convenient to contact by email

Hi. Please get in touch. I am in a country rich in gold. Email me at be happy to collaborate with you.

Really? Yes I quite agree that you can find gold deposits using Google Earth…take Waihi, Reefton and Macraes as examples…Google Earth shows huge holes in the ground. These are gold mines…this is where the gold is. Yes sir Google Earth finds gold deposits but in every case without exception some one has beaten us all to it. Lies and bullshit.


Lammerlaw, why the negativity a person offers to help us find gold and you call bullshit.
I believe these guys.
I also have a old hapuka head nailed to my back fence i am more than willing to trade for information on likely gold deposits.
If the hapuka head is not a suitable medium of trade i also have the door off an original shacklock orion i dug out of my neighbors veges garden i am also prepared to part with for a good location.

Google Earth cannot find gold - simple - it is not so much the old adage that ‘gold is where you find it’ but many factors simply make it impossible- land forms have changed due to a variety of reasons and in many places the ‘likely’ looking areas and landforms are covered or obscured by millions of years of geological modifications.

In some cases Google Earth WILL give marvellous clues to the presence of various minerals, copper, chromium etc by the colour of exposed formations and from there Geologists can visit these places in the confidence that they WILL find what they seek.

Satellite science can detect minerals and anomalies but that is specialist science which in its own rght Google Earth cannot tell.

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So you think i should offer more than the rusty door off the Shacklock? Thats really as far as i am prepared to go for such valuble information from these guys.

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Im from the U.S., would you have any reads on Southern California? Preferably the Mojave/Sonoran desert areas? Maybe we can work something out…