Finally, at Arrowtown

At long last, I have spent the afternoon working on the Arrow. No gold, some silvery bits, lots of magnetic sand. Tourists were pleasant. Next time I’ll go upstream a bit where it is quieter. Learned heaps.


Arrowtown is a great little spot, i walked upstream about half a km and got small peises of gold right on the bend of the river, waiting to go back.

Golly is that penises of gold. I might send up a girl l know…she likes them things.
I guess you meant pieces…pieces or flakes? The Arrow will be thrashed until Hell freezes over and it will still be giving.

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Think I need a 15 pack and hope of catching a golden French girl !

A golden French girl? - a dark nippled drop dead Swedish blonde girl with big baby feeder bottles would appeal to me more.

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Been looking all evening for a Swedish girl got me quite hot under the collier that did being adopted and never having Swedish milk bottles I have always been hungry maybe thats why I have an issue with green bottles

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Funny you know but I have a few Swedes in the garden but they dont have blonde hair and baby feeder bottles.
I was going to ask a certain young Swedish gentleman to bring out his aunty next time he comes!