Finally a claim you can lease

Lease of moke creek claim in Queenstown available from October, pm for details. serious enquirer only.

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Hi there Gavzilla, So why did you pull out of the deal. Are you feeling that there is no worthwhile gold left?? I guess Dan gave it a good hiding over the years so that is a possibility. Cheers.

JW :slight_smile:

Ha ha I don’t think he’s good enough to find it all, no I have to head away so it will end up being wasted money and time. I did find gold when I went to test pan a few weeks ago and thankfully bigger than most of the stuff I used to get out of shotover, even detecting around the terraces would be less hammered than arrowtown I’d imagine.

I just worry about the digger & trommel plant that went through there a few decades back & the creeks general history of being worked. Even recently with dredging activity. But yes…no one gets it all. Just takes one virgin crevice Gold fever is a bugger… isnt it. :slight_smile:

JW :slight_smile:

I wander how efficient that old dredge was and what it’s overall haul was. They missed all Kelley’s gold at least…


would have been good to see the final clean up amount

Between this video and the other clip she has id say quite a few ounces, like I’ve found out before myself it only takes a small unworked crack a foot long to produce lots of gold, then all around for meters zero.

Would U lease it for a couple of weeks ? If so how much would you be asking and I have a 4inch but could have a 6inch in summer

I doubt it, the lease needs to be taken for the full time or close to