Favourite Fossicking Area

Hi guys!

I was wondering what everyones favourite/most visited fossicking area/area’s are? Im not trying to steal anyones spots been to almost every fossicking area for a good amount ourselves, just seeing which ones tend to be the most popular/favourites overall, I think I have a good idea already but would be awesome to visualise it! If anyone has any questions let me know!

Thanks heaps any feedback is appreciated!

(some of our favourites are Moonlight, Goldsborough and Nelson Creek)

  • Aorere Lower
  • Aorere Upper
  • Loius Creek Lower
  • Loius Creek Upper
  • New Creek
  • Lyell
  • Stony and Brittania
  • Slab Hutt
  • Nelson Creek
  • Moonlight
  • Goldsborough
  • Jones Creek
  • Waiho River
  • Arrow River
  • 5 Mile
  • 12 Mile
  • Shotover
  • Gabriels Gully

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I think you’ll find that the closest ones to where people live will be favourites.

I live in Queenstown & I didn’t vote for any of the local ones. In the past I have done quite well in three of them. My best results were from 5 mile believe it or not, but that is a while back. Sluice boxing & detecting. Hard to find gold there these days. 2nd would be the Arrow & then 12 mile. My first gold find ever was at 12 mile sluice boxing & I have been hooked ever since. And my first ever detected gold was at 12 mile.
My votes were for some of the West Coast areas. Have done well at Moonlight. That was detecting but love that area. Goldsborough sluice boxing got good result for an afternoon as well as Nelson creek. Slab hut creek was not kind to me. Lyell I did well crevicing.

Best of luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


A friend of mine detected half an oz (over two part days) in one of the fosicking areas that haven’t had a vote yet…

One gram of Gabriels Gully. But there is no gold there, many experienced gold miners and geologists have lucked out here, many examples on paydirt about the lack of gold…
Everyone digs too deep, ignored the weathering out blue spur chunks in the surface gravels.
During the inefficient demolition of the Blue spur during the slucing and elevating, much of the material became more cemented as the miners washed away the less consolidated surface material, and then began blasting at it, and what was not broken by pick :pick: was washed away into the tailings to weather out brown on the surface. Alot of Gabriels Au has a red or black staining.
Some of the Au has quartz attached but I believe this is just cemented grains in the conglomerate rather than an indication of a gold reef though there are reefs locally. :blush:


I got about a gram from Gabriel’s gully once upon a time. Ended up with so much mercury that my days take was all amalgamated together. Its an interesting place for sure!

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A few wee ones from one of those places…


Thanks for everyones feedback really appreicate it! Suprised to see how little votes were for Louis creek! Outside of that I had a feeling Slab Hutt would be #1 ahahah. Thanks again

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a great question and people answer

Interesting I find the strong currents 50cm to a metre away from the bank , my gold pan went down the arrow river .
after heavy rain in Murchison , I didnt find any gold mid DEc
however before the rain and a lot of people arrived for their holidays <mid Nov there was a lot of gold.
I took a 4 wheel drive into the shotover we only got 2 pans to test or look for gold off the bank on a trip and nothing Nada,
the trip was nice though , they said thed been no flood gold.

cheers happy New Year to the Paydirt members.