Far north campground

The spoils from a hunt at an old camp ground in the far north before the weather turned sour the ring is 925 and the 10c is2006


That’s a good result Chris. What machine are you using?

Garrett 250 my first machine I’m looking for one that I can use underwater but $$$ a bit steep

Best machine in the world the 250.

Shady Aftermath


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There are lots of guides to waterproofing detectors (provided yours will work underwater-salt etc).

That’s a nice homemade looking sinker.
Fair amount of $1’s & $2’s.
What is little thing next to ring?

Hi any idea where you find that information? The cube is junk …funny thing is the shortage of 10c pieces up here

What an fantastic collection, sure is encouraging to a newbie.

Good hunt Chris, lots of roundness to keep the interest, sinkers and a ring to boot!

Thats Awesome I’m just waiting for my new detector to turn up this week…Ive just moved to kaitaia and can’t wait to get out and see wat northland has to unearth…GL & HH


Thanks I was staying at Rangiputa the campground was at the end of ramp rd it’s worth a hunt probably take a week to cover all the ground good luck with new detector

Ohh yeah I dive out rangiputa… now I can send my Mrs in to get a feed while I go hunting…lol

Good luck and happy hunting