Fake Gold Leaf bottles

Careful of these, they are some kind of metal that tarnishes once you remove the solvent it is immersed in.

Ahh…The old gold-painted lead scam. :wink:

A mate of myn used to gold paint small stones at the QT fossicking area & sit back for a larf lol

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These scammers are everywhere. In any case if it was genuine then it is still not worth the cost of the bottle. I have no idea what the genuine gold leaf cost but they come in sheets in ‘books’ about four inches by four inches. I have hundreds of full sheets enough to make up thousands of bottles and could not even bring myself to give them away because the amount of gold is negligible maybe five cents worth in a bottle.
If people realise that but still want a sample and happy with it I just give them a fragmented sheet in a bottle…note the word give.
To rip someone off selling gold leaf in a bottle is pretty low to me but to make fake gold leaf is a stocks and rotten tomato offence


Oh, that’s a brilliant idea.

I would name and shame the seller, but not sure if they know.
AND they are a good location that needs all the help they can get just to survive.

Part of the reason for buying was that I needed some gold leaf, I might take you up on that offer in the future @Lammerlaw

Tried to make my own like they do in South East Asia with a 0.5g bullion in a book and a club hammer. After a week I prioritised something else :unamused:, there was a slow flattening of my bullion. I think it might take 8 hours straight! The book and stump I was using both started to disintegrate.
I wonder if it gets easier the further along it goes?
Here is a video of them doing it:

Hey thanks for that - I appreciated seeing that - really fascinating - those guys will be punch drunk after a year or two rattling their brains - I quite like the sound - could be incorporated into a punk band!
Terrible job and those fellows must be pretty fit…I wonder how long their backs last out!