F4 not performing

I have a f4 that is not performing as I think that should be, probably the setting should be set differently I don’t know

What is it doing they are a good bit of kit I used one a lot

it was reading whenever i was swinging to the left then i would dig ,not finding anything i would move on and swing to my left again with an indecater on my left again again digging again , only to find that after a long process that i was getting a reading from the titanium knee replacement i had recently its healed that well i forgot i had it


Haha that is great good that your knee is ok! Also good there is nothing wrong with your detector!

hi i now think that im getting a reading off my boot eyes being metal . i dont know whats going to happen when i have an ankle replacement in april

its a problem when you wear an ankle bracelet as well

i cant answer that 1 as that has never happened to me , a you telling me from some one who knows perhaps youve just been told im in nthlnd swinging is pretty hard up here i find im digging a lot of holes . i found a school that been going for 100 years or so .i dont think they will like me there ., it looks like a parrie dog hotell when i leve places although i do fill the holes in . i went up ther yesturday and got a lot of readings

sounds like my backyard. steel toe boots don’t help neither do the eyelets for laces. and no I haven’t got an ankle thingy. waving a hand fill of dirt over mine the other day got good readings till I took off my watch