EZ sluice box flare

I’ve had my EZ sluice for 3 months now and am liking it but I have heard it performs much better with the old flare design. Is anyone selling one or can make a custom one to fit?

What size do you need, I most likely have a perfect fit in the workshop if it’s 6” wide, if not can make one

Hey mate cheers for the reply. Have attached photos of the measurements and the last photo is a picture of a sluice with a flare design I would be pretty keen on at maybe 250mm in length

I can make that design but it’s inferior to what you have now and you would be losing flow, the only gain is portability.

Yeah good point that but I probably would still prefer the flare design on the sluice above, I just like how the V shape in the water ends up further down the box and doesn’t push the gold to the sides like on the first deep V ribbed section on my EZ sluice. It still works fine but I’d prefer if the gold could get caught in any part of the first deep V ribbed section instead of just the sides (only seems to do this on the EZ sluice) no matter how good its setup. Mostly just want to experiment with it anyway haha, happy to pay you and the shipping of course!

The Keene box isn’t really a flare it just has the top edge folded out abit.

This is a flare

These were the dimensions of the flare I made for my box. It just bolts on with some wing nuts & bolts so you can whip & it off for easier back packing & whack it on when you get set up at your spot.

Fitted to my box

Out in the field

You should be able to make one yourself. Pretty self explanatory really.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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Nice looking sluice mate! I would love to make my own flare but don’t have the gear (or skill) to do so haha

Is this what you want? I’ve folded the front end slightly tapered to give you more flow, I’ll leave the drilling to you it’ll be easier in Situ.


That is absolutely perfect mate you’re legend! Send us a email and we can sort out shipping/payment ect… leofisher93@gmail.com :pick::pick:

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Good on you Gav :+1:

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Now that’s service :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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I present you, the “super EZ sluice”. Cheers again Gav for your time and effort it looks great! Still need to drill the other 2 holes as iv lost a nut. Should be ok for now as its sturdy and snug, time to go test it now hopefully I’ll have some shiny to show :smiley::pick::pick:


That actually looks the business! What did you stick the rubber in with? If it falls out get some 11fc by sika it won’t ever move.

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Works awesome it performs better and catches more gold, used kiwi grip glue for v matt. Managed 0.42 out of 5 classified buckets, my best haul yet! Had ran 5 buckets before in the same spot with the old flare and i usually get 0.3, looks like iv been loosing gold. Cant upload any clips so screen shot a few


Clean ups every 2nd bucket, could probably run more if there wasn’t so much black sand at the spot I’m af

Well done mate. Yer black sand can hinder recovery on fine gold so clean up often is the key. That shouldn’t be too much of a hassle with your set up. You would have to be really happy with that. Good on you. Did you notice where most of the gold was getting caught? The ribbed matting would have held a bit if your flow wasn’t too great. Surprising how well the ribbed mat holds on to it though.

Good luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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The first 2 v matt sections mostly caught it all, a few flakes in the first miners moss section aswell but no gold made it past there (from what I could see). Super stoked with it!

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My detecting effort yesterday. Minelab GPZ 7000 with new 15" Concentric Russian made X coil. Crazy sensitive on even small gold for a coil of that size at reasonable depth.

The biggest piece. 1.2 grams

2nd biggest

Best of luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Nice finds there mate, do you think the GM1000 could pick up some of the flakes I got? They’re super flat and thin, all flood gold on a inside bend so they’re not very deep at all. Thinking about getting my first detector for gold at some point…

Ye mate I recommend the monster my first outing I had a wicked day