Ez Sluice are they worth it

Hi all, Looking to buy an Ez Sluice, just for pottering around. are the worth purchasing. I have no clue.

My mate has one and they are ok after changing the flare - a little bit fiddly to keep putting the tiny mat in and out without breaking the plastic clip, and should probably be cleaned out very often as there’s not much capture area But if just pottering around like you say you might be ok

Gidday mate, I love mine. Caught great gold with it. Ultra fines through to chunky bits.
The small catch areas a slight pain in that with cold hands can be abit fiddly. But they catch great and very easy to clean up with just a normal pan which is a huge plus. (Always have riffles on opposite side to sluice to be certain of catching flush gold).
Ultra light weight. Surprisingly durable . Recommend getting wing nuts for the flare attachment bolts. Heaps better.

I use to use it for cleaning up after dredging. I can pan faster tho. Works pretty good but you definitely need to put some good tape to seal up from the flair to the sluice. Heaps of gold ends up under the join if you don’t. Catches a lot of gold in the first bit before the riffles so you know when your on it.
Works better if you classify but I just threw everything down. Flick the bigger rocks out when they get stuck. It works good with even a small flow thru it. Just keep the V of where the water narrows from the flair to the sluice and you will catch gold. Should form from the flair to the top of the first removable riffle.
To take out and put in the riffles. Just bend the sides out a little so you can grab the riffles and pull them in. A bit of a pain as mentioned before. And keep a bucket around when you do take them out. If you wash it away. Only way to get a new 1 is to buy another sluice.
I would buy 1 again. But if your looking to run some serious gravel. Go bigger. You can run a garden trowel about ever 10-15 seconds. So good for cleaning up and having a play. But not good for much else. If you want to do more then muck around. Save your money and go bigger. A shovel full will bury the ez sluice.
Goldstampx on YouTube. In 1 of my videos you can see it in action.

Gidday, I have an ezy sluice and find it great , small, light , catches gold , ezy to clean up
fits in my day pack ! A good first sluice .

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@role…they work great



@Jasepi.67 that’s some nice looking colour you’ve got going on there!

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I use it for clean ups…was after a couple of weeks dredging and sluicing…great for cleaning up the fines

Been dragging around an A51 Keene you soon get over it !! great sluice but you cannot compare the portability of the ezy sluice when your on a long March into the scrub or Bush look up dredge nz he will sort you out

Thought as much. Was pretty sure that wasn’t from a session on the day in your favourite creek. Looks blood good through. Nice.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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Thanks Folks will be a good investment.
Jones :grinning: