Exploring a new spot

Yesterday we went into a new spot it started out slow but then we got on to a hot spot the interesting 70 buttons we found four of them and a nice token then a we bit of gold so we will be back in there as soon as we can


Awesome. Love the token surface.
By the way get in the competition.

Thanks count me in we are away four bays next week on a treasure trip so hopefully we will find some stuff for the comp

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Nice condition button - British 70th (East Surrey) Regiment of Foot, in NZ 1863-1866.

Don’t clean it with anything acidic, even vinegar. It might come up better, but it’ll set up a long term corrosion and end up as a pile of white powder.

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Thanks it’s just had a wash with water so far we found four all near each other so the jacket must have been there a long time ago what would you recommend to put on it to save it?

Make sure it’s bone dry , then gently warm through at a very low heat, no more than you can handle to pick it up with bare fingers, but more than warm.
Melt a little Vaseline in a measuring cup, enough to cover the button, and drop the hot button in. Give a gentle stir to remove any entrapped air.

Let the whole thing cool naturally, don’t rush it, until the vaseline re-sets.

Lift out the button and wipe excess off with cotton cloth (don’t use paper towels or you’ll be left with paper fibres stuck to it)

This seals any fissures in the pewter and helps prevent further moisture attack to the pewter, plus it’s a moderately self-sealing coating in case it gets knocked.

Sounds like it was a jacket, I’d be going back for a low and slow over that area for any other trimmings!

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Thanks very much I will be sure to give it ago in the next few days. This stuf was in a very rugged spot hard to swing the coil but we will be back for sure properly why it was still there no ones been in there :grinning:

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try rennaisance wax great for your copper and bronze

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Love the Token, they are always a fascinating find

I use that as well, does a great job…museum’s use it so it must be good!