Expanded metal size

hi all just wondering options on if this expanded is too chunky for river sluice? it seems to strattify well when running but only gives one capture option as can’t run riffles over top.
it seems to catch ok.
would i be better with smaller version and riffles?

Who says you cant chuck riffles over the top??

no one but would need a fair bit more flow to get it running?

Looks good to me and in my experience will work very well as you have it. Not sure from the image if you have used raised expanded steel (leading edge is slightly raised) which creates a better eddy flow, means you can run the box faster because the increased eddy will catch the gold.
In terms of size if the mesh is clearing the gravel and you are happy with the flow speed and through put of gravel then stick with what you have made, that will catch the shiny stuff.

Nothing wrong with it man . And riffles will be fine on top . If waters to fast then flatten your sluice and if to slow then steepen it a bit .

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Looks awesome man. The main thing is - when you are tired, putting it together after a clean up make sure it goes in the right direction :sunglasses: or put something obvious on it to help. I “may” have got this wrong once, when I was exhausted doing my cleanup. Now I spend like a minute each time making sure.

Wonder if I am the only person to do this?

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Me too. 7 hours underwater with the 6’’ only to find that. One of my best washups. Go figure.

Mate glad its not just me whos done that! Happy it didn’t affect your cleanup.

Thing is, he will never know if the clean up could have been a lot better. He will never know how much washed on through & was potentially lost.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

You are right of course :sunglasses: but at least @tararua70 got a good cleanup. Trying to see the glass half full

Life is too short to be worried about “what if” & "if only’’. Any more than 1 gram per hour is a bonus.
Leave some in the river for the next bloke.