Escaped for a quick swing during family holiday

Away for a few days on holiday with the family. Was stiff and sore as hell yesterday after seeding 200+ coins on Sunday morning for a local group hunt so decided to let the body recover a bit more before heading out. After a busy morning with the Mrs and the boy I was given an afternoon pass to go for a swing. Well it started out absolutely crap. Nothing but bits of random junk at the first spot with a few 1 & 2c thrown in and the second spot was even worse. It was then that I put the thinking cap on and went back to the first spot and put some of what I’ve learned in this hobby to good use… it wasn’t long before my rethink of the location paid off I got onto my first silver of the day, a nice english sixpence. Next 2 holes were an Aussie penny and a nice Veiled Vicky threepence. Managed another penny and some more silver, a NZ air force button, a couple of buckles and spendies before I decided to call it a day. Will be back tomorrow for another try…


Was it the spot you had seeded :rofl:

Haha… no… about 4 hours south…:wink:

Well well well fancy seeing you here.

Yes fancy… :grinning: Thought I’d have a little look and see what’s happening here for something a bit different. Might learn something about where all the gold is hiding…:joy:

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