Erics page once again

Nice starfish, and it looks like you got quite a bit for the :red_car: as well.

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That’s a fair haul of spendable money. :moneybag:

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Hi Eric,yeah well done some great finds there,good silvers.

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Company car so will probably go on batteries and work snack box lol


lots of coins does not look like its been done before spendies are always the first to go.

I thought about that to Roy, maybe wasn’t used that much in the old days than it is today ?, I know the area was used a lot for fireworks displays in the recent past, probably not so much now with fire dangers, most of the spendies are 1990s

Hi all…1st couple of photos are from Friday Nights Hunt with Chris and Andrew (no8wire) in Hagley and the last photo was with Andrew on Sunday in a once was well stocked spot, getting harder.


Well done Eric. Couple of unusual ones there or perhaps I couldn’t see that well

Is no8wire on here? [I made a mispell to reach 20 characters]

Sure is…still on the prowl no8wire

still stuff coming out of the old girl nice work

Sundays hunt with No8wire at a Banks Peninsula bay, we managed to gain permission to a coastal property that was used as a camp ground from the 1940s, then stopped at a couple other areas on the way home.
8 Silvers for the day, and a cool 1928 New south wales rugby union badge with the number 118 stamped on the back.
Nz forces button and a pile of pennys.


Hi Erick,nice finds there, cool badge.good luck for the next.

Sunday hunt ended up a bit of a disaster, went out early to an old disused domain but then the rain came, so abandoned the morning, did find a 1919 sixpence before the downpour.
Then decided to head to an inner city park at night for a couple of hours and scored 4 more silvers, including a 1868 Sixpence and 1914 Australian shilling, also a 1925 Hupmobile H8 badge, a pile of penny’s and a thin copper disc with 3 Blind mice on it and the German Luftwaffe symbol on it, Quite strange.


Decided to do 2 short night hunts over the weekend in 2 well hunted Christchurch parks, was lucky enough to hit 2 little area pockets.
1st set of finds was from on Saturday night, where I found 5 little silvers, a silver Lip balm case from the 1800s , every section hallmarked, a silver hallmarked strip, possibly off a comb, 1920 Farthing, a silver butterfly brooch and a 1920 Michelin Cable brooch.
2nd hunt last night, 6 Silvers including a Half crown, a chunky 925 silver pendant, a Christchurch City Council tag from 1887, a White Brother Company token, Boston USA (circa 1890) and a mint Button, would love to think it was gold, and is heavy enough but doubt it is.
Happy Hunting to all !!

Last nights


A most interesting varied lot.

Man some very nice unique peices. No such thing as ‘hunted out’ eh. Still looking for my first Farthing… One day hopefully.
Nice work as always.

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That lip balm is amazing, still usable? I dare you to put some on and post a picture! :smiley:
Is that token a rare one? (no humour intended).
All those finds look fantastic, well done.

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Lol yeah its still usable, but stinks, dare not try it might end up with an 1800 disease, no don’t think the token is rare, probably heaps floating around the states

Nice finds, very well displayed :relaxed:

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