Equinox 800 question

,What advantages (if any) does the 6 " coil have over its supplied in the box larger counter part .

  1. Easier to carry through Bush, poke around between obstacles, in tight spaces.
  2. Better for detecting in a flowing streambed - despite its open web design, the 11" gets dragged a lot by the flow of water
  3. Potentially more sensitive to small gold. I wouldn’t place as much weight on this as the first two however, because the 11" is already capable of detecting tiny targets.

I’ve got both coils, if you’re mainly coin shooting I wouldn’t bother getting the 6". If you’re mainly golding it’s a useful piece of kit.


@madgoldnz ,mainly golding,having a smaller 6’ coil that can do the same as the 11",but a lot more maneuverability and less drag makes sense yep looks good to me Thanks .