Election Predictions

National 35%
Labour 38%
NZ First 12%
Greens 7%
The Oportunities Party, Maori, and others the remainder.

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jesus h christ GoldPandemic, that must be some strong hooch you’re on…

Give a better prediction mate.

mmm, word is the Clutha/Southland local vote is going to swing to NZF…thats true blue territory.

NZF 15%
National 43%
Labour 25%
Greens 13%
Balance to the others…

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Yep, they could paint a Captain Cooker blue and 43% of kiwis would still vote for it…
TOPs not gonna get more than 3%.
Greens 13%
Nzfirst 14%
Labour 23%

So yer Nats + Maori will have enough to govern with either act and united or Winnie.

Winston has done well in northland - imagine if he gets higher than 15%.
That’d shake the old bats up!
TOP might get in on a seat, I like them, thats my hope.

Lot of people are suffering from the housing market - labour could do well.
Remember the last time when English was leader of the Nats? HE LOST THE ELECTION, even said he never wanted that job! Yet here he is again, thrown into that position (because the alternative was the BITCH :imp: Juidith Coilins, and no one wants her)
I’ll be voting for Winston.

Winnie is very popular at the moment and some of his policies are very good, like his wool carpet for goverment buildings- brilliant.
And 1080 gets dumped in my water supply 6 times a year so i like him for standing against 1080…
I do also think TOPs solution for the potheads is perfect.
I am still undecided tending towards green at the moment mainly because of Chloe Swarbrick and Gareth Hughes.


shake it up vote winnie lol

Yeah, she gets my vote…FOR HOTNESS! :fire:


And not a single party has said anything about giving the gold reserves back to the people, all quite on that front as they talk to the big boys over seas, and make there back room deals

Well. Greens are f**ked now! :smiling_imp:
I wonder if anyone wants to revise their predictions :smiley:

Good , I think Winnie is going to be a bit of a force to be reckoned with this year , he was dead set against the way the govt "streamlined " the rma & immigration …he was rite on both counts the rma is a shambles , I hope he gets above %15 he had a couple of meetings down here seemly they where packed so its going to be interesting :slight_smile:

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LOL Green Party has imploded, hopefully we’ll get something better in the future.

The word you’re looking for is “Extinct” :laughing:

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Managed to get out of my Hermit Hole today, and saw my first election signs.
“We Deliver for New Zealand”
Seriously, deliver… WHAT? Exactly what are you delivering or going to deliver, can you be more specific! Or is it that you’re just delivering Nothing.

I didn’t see any labour signs (they might have changed since this)

At least these are readable.

Warning: The following post was sponsored by a certain Russian lager. (A bit grassy-sweet, but with a fine head)

As a Northlander, I was glad when Winnie finally (FINALLY!) ousted the sitting Nats, but nothing has changed really.
Previously nothing [Nothing] ever happened up here: Stance of parties was:
Nats: " It’s a safe seat, don’t need to do anything"
Labour: "Nat’s safe seat, no point in doing anything"
Others: “Pffttt not worth wasting time”

Then Good ol’ Winnie rode into town (well, in his Handshaking, baby-kissing bus)
And National lost Northland.

NZ First strutted
National came away bruised

…But nothing has changed.

Forget the “10 Bridges” talk - They’ve been there since the 1940’s when US servicemen built them (along with the Kaitaia and Kaikohe Airports, not forgetting Waipapakauri. Kerikeri is just an upgraded 1930’s grass airstrip) - Until the US captured Guam, and they all buggered off because that was a better place to lob bombs from.

Nothing has happened up here, despite Winnies rhetoric.

My vote is currently floating… hic

We’ll see if that changes when he gets a larger share of seats.
It’s difficult to get things moving when you’re out of the cabinet.

At least it is better than the status quo.

After this next term, I think it will be his last, NZ First has a few more names now, and he’s getting on.

Labour have announced a Tourism and Conservation Infrastructure fund which will be financed by a $25 levy on international visitors - in other words a tourist tax.
The fund would invest $75m a year into supporting tourism infrastructure and conservation efforts.
No Kiwi citizens or residents would pay it.

The average tourist spends over $3000 each in the country and $1000 on international airfares. Thus the $25 levy is not much of a burden in their eyes.

That $75m would be split between infrastructure and conservation needs, with $30m going towards conservation, $27m going to infrastructure, $9m to training tourism operators, and another $9m to high demand areas like Queenstown.


Maybe time for a bit of Jacinda.


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Winston got a bit of a ribbing

NZ First should drop the GST removal from basic food, it would be a nightmare to implement, and be ineffectual, better of raising the lowest tax bracket.

TOP has also decided to go after NZ First.

I thought MP’s would have to have been born in this country, for all we know MP’s could be Spy’s

Australia gets up in arms about having MP’s with dual citizenship, I can’t believe they also don’t have a stricter policy. Very concerning for National Security, I wonder how prevalent this is around the world?

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Could that b a Green Gold pan ??

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