Drysuit anyone?

ok,lets try this new fangled thing…anyone got a drysuit they want to move on? Must be tri lam,not a immersion suit,got to be a scuba drysuit with valves. Front entry is a must as is tri lam,don’t want neoprene. I’m 178 at 76 kg,size 9.5 boot…socks or rock boots ,I don’t mind,and I don’t mind fixing a buggered seal but the suits got to be in good nick…got $$$$$ to spend so PM me if you;ve got something cheers

Hi James,for sure im interested in your drysuits…trilaminate and front entry?,if so can you send some pics? can’t do neoprene or shoulder zip as I will have to don by myself…cheers crackintherock@gmail.com

Saw this on TM (not mine);looks about your size.