Dry suit, who's using one?

Hi , I’m Considering purchasing a dry suit , just looking for a bit of feedback from those who are using them ? , Ocean Dry do a gold miners model that look pretty good , Iv been down the Hws path but looking for an alternative.

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hi Ive got 4 drysuits awesome for cold water dredging , way safer than hot water system and your dry when you get out …im sold i buy second hand off trademe

hi webby, do you have gloves built into the suit or just tough it out with wetsuit gloves? what about your hood aswell?

hi no i just wear wetsuit gloves and hoddie sometimes 2 hoodies , my hands arnt cold if your busy , only thing that is cold is around your lips , if your not using a full face mask, ive dredged with snow on ground and not been cold at all … often if youve got a good drysuit u wanna get in the water asap and cool off , get a front entry suit if possible , especially if u dredge alone

this is an otter drysuit , awesome suit id work under ice with right undergarmentdrysuit


I must be a pussy then haha. my fingers become useless and get bad headaches/brainfreeze in the cold and although it initialy feels like a smack to the chops my lips/face usually alright and can tolerate it.

its the frozen pumps and frozen milk that put me off winter dredging not the water temp , get some awesome low river levels and nice days , but tenting in otago in minus 10 wears abit thin at times

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