Dredging Claim For sale No 56205

All you Dredging buddies i have claim on the West Coast in the heart of shanty town Claim no 56205
for sale please feel free to enquirer
Thanks :

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Hello Tim

I am familar with the area and am interested in the claim.

I have visited the small side creek many years ago (never found it name tho)

Cell phone is 0274 436840 or stevensgeoff58@gmail.com. Great spot for lots of heavy black sand.



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hi geoff please contact me about claim thanks john leave a massage

O.k I want to sell the whole claim in one go, I might say you need to speed more time prospecting other parts of the claim not just hell,s creek the claim has some interesting parts to it and as you said its a big claim and one inportant point to the claim it,s not going to cost any more money in terms in fees per year. and thats imporant. always remember gold never comes easy!!!

OK come up to $8000 and its your,S get back to me

Thanks ; JOHN

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Here’s the map of the claim area for anyone that’s interested (updated link as the editor screwed up the url for some reason)…

Hey, I Was wondering is this claim still up for sale?

hi claim still for sale what are you thinking

Hay was wanting to know if claim still for sale and how much

If still for sale would like all info on it so if could contact u on the weekend cheers

hi contact me on e-mail { wdw.goldmining@yandex.com }

Thanks: John Claim 56205

hi there what about swaping the claim for a jetboat.cheers

I would suggest all not to contact the above (russian) email address,

  • The claim owner is Timothy Borstrok (not John)

  • Terrible spelling and grammar, although we aren’t literary geniuses in this scene, this users grasp of the English language is sub par, even for a coaster, even for someone with english as a second language.

  • The claim is not in the heart of shanty town, rather the general area.

  • "one inportant point to the claim it,s not going to cost any more money in terms in fees per year. and thats imporant. "
    NOT AT ALL CLOSE TO TRUE, there is an annual fee and an annual return to be made to NZPAM, ANY CLAIM OWNER KNOWS THIS

  • No kiwi phone number? why?

  • Russian Yandex email, most New Zealanders have never heard of this native russian language search engine and email service, Google has 95.97% of New Zealand stitched up, if this isn’t setting off alarm bells nothing will.


Thanks for the heads up Darren!

Does this mean I need to contact my Uncle Vladmir to see that this guy is disciplined and sent to the gulag or salt mines with Mr Userkc?

he is most likely a real nice honest guy who just happens to have a Russian surname.
knowing the area I personally wouldn’t go there lots of lifestyle blocks so don’t know how you would get on for access. but its cheap enough so if you are looking for a claim go for it
yellow gold…black gold…now white gold called salt

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If 101mining is genuinely PYCCKNN :ru: then he will already know the bad rap his comrads give him.

@Darren Great info there, good to see knowledgeable people on the forums looking out for others.

KC & old kittick from Waihi - we’ll never forget those users, whomever they may really be…
[bet Gavin-computer-sleuth knows, he can probably log their IP addresses :grinning: ]

@Darren cheers for flagging the post - much appreciated. I’ll flag it as a scam and leave it be as a warning to others!

@GoldPandemic he registered from an IP address in Wellington (but that could be done via a proxy server) but his last IP address puts him in Amsterdam.

The evidence does seem to be against him so I’ll ban his account.

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Thought this was weird considering a year or 2 back I tracked down mr borstrock and he wasn’t interested in parting with the claim nor working on a commission basis. Ban this fuck

bugga. I was hoping we might be able to wind him up a bit

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Seems it’s probably legit after all as @101mining got in contact to ask his account be re-instated. Warning - I have no real way to confirm the sender of the email is who he says he is, but he sounds legit. It’s up to you to check details if you’re interested in either of his claims. I’ve now re-instated his account. This is the email I received…

WOW WOW WOW………. suspended until Apr 7, 2020 …….Reason: Seems to be a scammer trying to sell claims he probably doesn’t own …… please please this is no scam far from it, I guess I need to improve my computer literary skills point taken. let me say this, if there is any scamming
going on its ………Crown Minerals,………. NZPAM ……. WHY WAS THERE A NEED TO CHANGE THERE NAME. To increase lease fees ( rent ) over 100% for Permit holders when inflation is running at 3%. tells me there is little forward plaining by senior management The govt has taken huge sumes of money from this organization I think they though the gravy train would keep on going namely e.g high Oil an Gas prices and they gear up with high staff numbers costs, now they want to take from minerals side of the business, with out down sizing costs, this tells me there is something serious wrong with the senior management and need to take a serious look at them selves.

Here,s a thought the Govt has a balance sheet, yeh all the minerals in the country be it Gold, Lime Stone, Oil, Water, rutile .and there many more minerals thats the asset side of the balance sheet. Heres the other side, is why the minerals are here in the first place. The tectonic plate boundaries and Hot Spots in the upper mantle of the New Zealand crust. associated earth quakes Christchurch, Kaikoura, Ward and of cause Wellington over the last 5 years insurance payout could top 35 billion dollars a Hugh sumes the Govt needs to form a long term management plan has to how they are going to manage Tourism, the Minerals
and the rich overseas land owners and how the average New Zealander interact for the benefit for everyone. If no action is taken Dredging will be a thing of the past especially in the high tourist

Here,s a little bit about my claims. I spent 5 years traveling round New Zealand looking for gold that could be mined on a small scale. Found good gold in the Corrmandel, Central Otago , big problems with the local councils, costs associate with applications for permits are to expensive. To
wait 2.5 years to have a claim process is a JOKE plain an simple

All the good profitable areas are claim up from people who have been in the industry for a very long time, So I desidered to sell these claims ( cancel claims if need be) an move on to better an easier places to mine for gold northern hemisphere.

Finally I used Yandex E-mail because it was the most easiest to sign up too. I,m not responsible
What the Russian Govt gets up to, I guess America is no different with google or face book.
An as your skills can pin point a IP address you,ll see that this e mail is coming from Amterdam and if some one is prepare to phone me An pay the cost I should of supplied a phone number . I,ll repeat
it again I have two claims I want to sell, there is gold on these claims, if the poachers don,t steal it
some person can take over these claims and get some gold. Just one thing I have found.

Gold is hard to make a profit from.

Please please reinstate my 101mining acc an let me have my say thanks::::

Thanks : Timothy Borstrok john wdw.goldmining@yandex.com