Dredge Pumps and setup

So you have decided to go dredging?

You want to build the most cost effective and awesome mother ship of dredges ever?

Buy the right parts first. The hard work and testing has been done for you.

I personally wanted to see the difference so I purchased a couple of mid range high pressure water pumps, average of 1200lpm and a 38m head.

I can tell you they move a hell alot of water but they do not have enough pressure to grab the water and move it out into the flare.

Yes the cost is a little high but the gear is proven to work right off the bat.

Keene p180 wet end pump with the Honda gx200 5.5hp motor work awesome together.

The motor can be ordered from most pump or chainsaw shops.

Make sure you get the right shaft!

The wet end pump is the most important thing. It’s design is very different to transfer pumps in every way but the basic shape.

Now have some fun, decide the hoses and pipe lengths, build a diamond studded bejazzled sluice box do you hearts content.

Once you decide the sizes of your hoses and volumes you want buy the right venturi pump, ie. The keene 2" in oversized jet with 4" through put.

This gives you 4 real inches on your hose that will give you a good bit of suction at 5 meters.

Almost broke me fingers on the date night hand…

Last is the tip, that’s important. It dose most of the work and need to be handled properly…

Have fun out there.
Thanks DredgeNZ for the awesome advice and gear.