Dredge NZ. aka Gold Rush Tours and Supplies

Had the privilege of calling into Daniels Treasure Trove a couple of times lately. We are so lucky to have an outlet like this available to us here in NZ. Back in the old days, you were indeed lucky if you had a Keene Catalogue, let alone any Keene gear. Many of us would use the catalogue, to try and copy what was pictured. Getting any Keene gear into NZ was virtually impossible. No internet then. My mining partner was a Yank, would spend six months in NZ and then six months back home in the states. The only way for us to get a Keene 5 inch triple into the country. Was for Charlie to order it in the states, but get it shipped to me. Which he did, Getting it through customs was a pain in the arse. It duly arrived. And I set about putting it together. Three days later I was still scratching my head. Until referring to my prized copy of the Keene Catalogue I realized they had sent me a four inch single sluice dredge frame instead of a five inch triple frame. Also we had paid for a 263 Compressor, and they had sent a T60 instead. Rang Keene, no problems, keep the wrong stuff, and we will air freight out the 263 and proper frame. Bonus, a free four inch frame and T60 Compressor. All put to use later on another project.

Covid has certainly impacted on Daniels stock sadly, but we just have to live with that, till things improve. But there is still plenty of treasure for us to plunder in his gold cave.

I kinda interviewed Daniel for this group, so those that have never met him, can get to know him better.

Well Daniel, I guess the surge in the gold price, was good for your business.
Yep Trev. Covid did drive the price of gold up and we got heaps of new budding prospectors and miners. They were popping up everywhere. It was like I was the only dance hall or pub in a gold rush town in the early days. Things have quietened off a wee bit now. And I have run out of suckers.
Jeez Dan, That"s a bit hard calling them suckers.
Na Trev “Gold suckers” you know them things for sucking out cracks.
Oh Ok. Guess I got that wrong.
I heard the Minister of Social Development was trying to ban the importing of gold mining gear, as this new gold rush was causing to many marriages to split up, and there were starving kids and heaps going without shoes etc.
Yep I heard about that rumour toTrev. So I imported a container of cheap plastic croc’s from China. Every customer now gets a food parcel, and a few pairs of croc’s, and the Womens Refuge ph number, so the wives can stay there… Us swiss know how to get around things.
Jeez, good thinking there Daniel.
I guess all things considered you are doing pretty well.
Yep Trev. I’m on pretty good ground alright at the moment. I’m averaging around three to five gram a cubic person. Some days I may even get several ounce a day cubic persons. It’s rich ground alright.
And I can mine even when the rivers are in flood and it’s raining.
That"s good then Daniel. I love the personalized plates, GOLD1 on your Lamborghini. Don’t you think it’s a bit risky parking it right out in front of your shop. The cubic persons might take it wrong. Or it could even get stolen.
Well Trev I just don’t have room out back in my four car garage. There"s my chopper in there, The Missus"s Ferrari. I1GOLD2 and my Rolls Royce Silver Ghost.
What you got a Robbie now Daniel.
Nah Trev a Bell Jet Ranger.
Frig what you want a chopper that size for.
Well Trev, remember the trouble I had getting access to Moke creek.
That problem is now solved, plus I can carry heaps of stuff underneath it. I just fly down for a weekends dredging. Two hours and I am on the ground. Like I said us swiss have a way of getting around things. I don’t know why that farmer who’s land I now fly over, doesn’t wave back. I always give him a wave and a bit of a hover.
Well Trev I had better get back in the shop, I see a couple of three to five grammers and maybe an ouncer or two just coming down the drive way. By the way what size croc’s do you want and do you want a vegetarian food parcel or the Meat lovers.
Size 11 Daniel and the Meat Lovers. Thank you
Was great talking to you. Happy Mining.

Cheers Trev aka “The Hatter”


Priceless Trev :laughing:. Don’t leave town.

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Hi Trev,
you silly billy, you should change your name to Trev aka “The Nutter” :slight_smile:

I’m a life member of the “Nutters Club” Daniel. :smiley:

Cheers Trev aka “The Nutty Hatter”

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Very awesome shop !!

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