Dredge nozzel 3"

Building 3" and 2.5" dredge nozzel
Whats size venturi 25mm socket for 3" 20mm 2.5"
Whats everyone’s thoughts

will really depend on size of pump driving

If your using a 6.5hp with a trash type pump go for 12mm you need pressure , iv not made a suction nozzle but that size works on a power jet .

Gx200 hp300 proline for 3"

2.5" 2stroke tanaka 381 300l min 40m head

I had a Hp300 on a 4” a few years ago it worked ok from memory the Hp300 was designed for a high banker type setup but I’m sure on a 3” it should be well suited on a 4” the P180 worked better , I can’t remember what size the jet orifice was I’m taking a punt but I’m thinking 15mm …20mm I suspect will be too big pretty sure the Keene power jet with theP180 is 20mm so youl likely need to be smaller than that .

Biggest thing is match your jet to your pump. With your proline hp300 which are good pumps typically you should be aiming for around the 20-22mm jet size it should have no problems running that 3 inch. Just make sure you dont use a washer to create your jet as you will loose a ton of power from the pump. .Instead use a conical reducer for your jet which converts the energy of the water from the pump into velocity which is what is required to run a suction nozzle.

Also try and keep your hose from the pump to the suction nozzle as short as possible to reduce fluid friction.


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