Dream mat coming to new zealand

very soon the dream mat is going to be sold in new zealand by

dredgeNZ a division of
23 Camwell Park
RD1, Flaxton
Kaiapoi, 7691
021 205 5272

should make getting gold alittle easyer for most people


The gold does need to be there in the first place. No matter what matting one uses. :slight_smile:


Gold is everywhere dont need to look for it plus the dream mat works better

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Gosh…the guys in Canterbury will love that first statement, & all this time they have been going down to Otago, over the Alps to the West Coast & up to Nelson/Marlborough. When all they have to do is trip over it anywhere in Canterbury. There you go Gavin…your traveling days are over… Who would have thought. :laughing:
I don’t think the dream mat or any mat for that matter will find gold where I find it.

JW :slight_smile:


The dream mat is shit in black sand rivers it chokes up faster than a fat chick at an all you can eat. also needs a perfect flow to make the drop vortex work so won’t work in ebbing rivers.
The remaining rivers may be ok :slight_smile:


Ha ha GAV. Any matting or riffle system is shit in some of those QT rivers loaded with all sizes of black sand. Total nightmare on the finer gold recovery.

Best of luck out there mate.

JW :slight_smile:

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Lol, if only! I think I choose the city on the south island most remote from gold as you can get. Now how did I do that?! Wish I was into the scene when I was living in Q’town all those years ago! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi Gav,
I was sceptical too but my dream(s) mats have changed that :wink:


Looking at all the exitements seeing the post, I suppose there is something really special about the dream mat
I’m not familiar with the dream mat, hoping to get soon

As for the dream mat along time ago i cut into a limestone area made a hole similar to one hole of the dream mat watched the water gravel and gold flow into it . Gold stayed in there even small pieces the gravel was washed away so when they bring it in i will be getting a mat thats for sure