Drained River In Christchurch

Figured this might be an interesting detecting option for you Christchurch swingers…

Passed over the Heathcote River on Tue and today and it’s currently drained so some diggers can work it. I suspect they’re just dredging it to make the channel deeper.

Could be worth swinging the coil over to try something new?

Where it passes under Rutherford Street, not far from The Brewery:


Awesome - If I was in the district, I’d be there damn near 24/7
Great Heads-Up Gav! :+1:
Closest I’ve come to that situation is when they dug out the paunch at the local freezing works!

Grab a Warehouse hard hat and high vis vest and find the site manager!


That’s just round corner from work will check it out after cheers gavin :grinning:

Let me know how you get on :wink: Who knows what might have been thrown into
the waters over the years!

oh yeah definitely worth a swing over.

good luck guys but id bet OSH rules will stop you doing it. legally at least.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Shouldn’t be an issue getting access after normal work hours, the whole
river isn’t fenced off as they’re only working a small section at present
it seems. Looks pretty muddy though… might be shallow, might be deep, so
take care.

That’s why I say to get the high vis and PPE - never had any issues with the ‘boss’ on site with regards to OSH regs. If you have the correct gear and follow standard OSH/HSE demands, then it makes life much easier. I have a standard ‘patter’ that contains all the right phrases and gets me onto 80% of hardhat sites. Basically, you need to be able to convince the site manager that you will not be a liability. Flatter them, acknowledge that it’s “their” site and you are humbled to be there… aim to get there late afternoon, just before beer-o-clock works best - even had one guy tell me to lock the gate behind me when I go…

Sometimes roadworkers are replanting trees in streets, and leave large holes.
In the dead of night I sneak in with my pointer, however I often only find telecom wires :disappointed_relieved:
You have to be wary of electrical wires, even live telecom can give a nasty shock!

Went down yesterday found a few sinkers and canslaw , gave up second time I got stuck up to my knees.

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Be interested in seeing a piccy (of the river situation, rather than the canslaw :wink:) if it’s not too late?

I will try to get some this week for ya. Im sure there is some goodies there might have try other side but man that was some deep mud, maybe with some sort of snow shoes.

I guess if it’s deep mud most interesting older metal objects will slowly work their way deeper?

Sounds like a job for…Magnet Fishing! :muscle:

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Just in case it’s worth revisiting…

Went past the other day and it looks like they’ve removed about a meter of mud, so might be better for the detectors now as it could be down to the hard bottom. Not checked, so could be wrong about the hard bottom!?

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Yes sounds like it would b a great place for magnet fishing.