Donelly's Flat, Wairarapa

Went up to Mt Goldsworth in the Wairararapa a couple of weekends ago and had a pan with my son. My first hand fulll came up with 3 colours which got Arie excited. He took a few samples then lost interest and reckons the colours came from our Queenstown trip before Xmas and didn;t seem to like the geology of what we were seeing in his pan. I"ll go back there fore another look in April.

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there was gold in the area just in very small amounts. no one was interested when there was so much down in the south island

Yeah I panned it a couple of years back.nothing going …not even fly poop!
Also tried Tauherenikau river…same result…yes Keith all the good gold is in the south Island dam it!!

you guys will live up there although I do like it its not the same as all the yellow stuff down here. perhaps a move check out house prices in hector / ganity on trade me . one sold the other day for $80 0000. a roughy but had good bones.

I did go for a look last year in the landie even left the black dog behind

that’s a good beach for it.