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Dog tag and gold from the sand

gday all,not much being posted of late is nobody detecting any more,scored an 9ct with bloodstone mount very pleased with that but the interesting find was a ozzie dogtag suspect ww11,i know some of you like to do a little detective work would appreciate some help with finding relatives for a return,also a small 2g 18ct religious medallion.cheers.

Names wrong though?

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I wonder if its a replica?


if it is then its been buried in the sand for a long time,it was mega deep,where i find all the older stuff.thanks westie digger.

Awesome silver there Roy :yellow_heart:

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That bloodstone ring looks bloody nice Roy been detecting most days at smoko but finds are few still ya keep on lookin

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Awesome again.

Shady :beers: :wine_glass:

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I think that it is probably genuine - I do like the two sites that you mentioned here - marvellous - thanks for showing us them. The one on the Identity discs is awesum - I had never seen that and thought that they only had the fibre discs - well its all part of the learning curve - with all this new learning I might be a geniarse by the time I am dead.
Now the bad news is that I had one of those stainless steel I.D. tags and thought it was a modern bit of junk so I … need I say more other than to add that it no longer exists!

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Next time try the website detailed here. They recover ephemera and medals to owners. But that’s a bit of integrity to admit your faux pas. If you do recall it or took a photo, it can still form a portion of a family history or assist someone…

Yes I am aware of the medals reunited site as I am seeking three sets of family ones myself.
When I got something that was stainless steel with no similarity to anything akin to military I.D. tags that I know then I assumed it was a modern tag of some sort…I think I thought it may have been a kids play tag…or did I think…often I don’t think. That comes with the territory. Candidate for lead roll in the ‘Walking Dead’ or ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ I am actually wondering if it might still exist in one of my discard boxes. Sometimes when I throw things away then its not in the rubbish bin but rather just ‘gets thrown away’ as in the heaps of ‘discards’ - for example I have discarded windmill and stationary motors complete and in bits all around the yard, big old ammunition cases (WWII) full of heaven knows what out in the sheds. All I know is that I threw it away or otherwise disposed of it…but it could still be here.

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