Does the West Coast have a future?

Granity, Hector, Westport, Greymouth, Haast have all taken major hits recently.
It doesn’t look like things are getting better either.
That combined with faltering economies, I wonder if they really have a future?
What do you think?
If the price is right I’d consider getting a piece of land in Westport, but I’d only put a temporary movable accommodation on it (housetruck).

Well after all the destruction has been fixed, I guess it will be a good time for gold hunting :smiley:

If the Greenys leave them alone they would be much better off , they keep trying to shut the coasts main industry’s down coal , gold , timber …not everyone wants to farm birds & butterfly’s for the tourists


come and join us on the coast its a great place to be . I live 33km out of Westport in hector it takes 20 min to get to town with no traffic lights (nun on the coast) all I got in the storm was I lost 3 shrubs. and some wind blow rubbish. I’m now all cleaned up. its a pity and fell sorry for those that got hit real bad. they live on the coast I’m 300m of the HTM. I can find gold within walking distance of home. (not much but colour) fish off the beach hunt in the hills. if there is another person in the bank it crowded so you come back. draw back is your supplies but most stuff is here with in a day and its only a 3.5 hour (4 hour in the landrover) to nelson. which is a bugger of a drive you have country side with hardly any traffic side creeks that most carry gold for when you get tired of driving. stay in Auckland / north island with your high prices and traffic . not so good when you got to pay $150000 for a house down here.
come for a visit ill show you how horrible it is


Okay, so people can shift back from the coast, that’s good. At least the gold industry will never die down there.
No, way I loved Auckland it was good, but now it’s insane, they just let too many people in, and there are no city limits, it’s consuming the rest of the North Island.
Once I reduce my possessions, I’ll shift somewhere down that way.

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You forgot to mention the weather - rainy yes but nice and warm.

only downside of the coast is the god dam sandflies. they love me

Coast for the coasters :muscle: they live there , get sick of people from other parts of the country …especially dorkland telling them how they can live its not just the coast of course that suffers from that but a very good example of what is happening in rural NZ .

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Perhaps you shouldn’t detect hostility in something someone says just because you assume they are from a certain place.

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No offence intended GP just generalising

Bit inland from the coast but still a good sign.

Coast for the coasters? A bit of fresh blood stops the inbreeding!

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what inbreeding??? so I have 6 fingers on each hand and play a banjo . come across and I will tie you to a tree and make you make noises like a pig.
but just got home from a play with over a gram of gold and saw 5 goats pity I left the rifle at home. still had a good play on the quad

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Freshblood = tourists :pig2::joy:
I’ll watch my arse when I visit!

They are no problem - a 12 gauge shotgun and a flame thrower and the sandflies and mosquitos are history.

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Follow up article with more detail:

this is bull shit. people have spent over $10 grand on protection if I spent that I wouldn’t be moving. the council need to step up all they did was put their hand out for resource consent. most did it without. the good thing is that im only 300m from the sea so soon I will have a beach front property.