DIY while locked down

Anyone else built anything with there spare time,had a go at this whateva it’s called… low banker/classifier? Will feed water back down with pan.
Built using old bbq lid,cable tray(rubbish around house)
Not quite finished but test run anyway.
Hid some yellow in 10l bucket of gravel and recovered in sluice.
21 days to go maybe to try for reals


Very cool Thebaker, I like your idea. Sort of like how the old-timers washed the pay dirt through the punch plate on their cradles.

I made a rough ‘looker’ this morning. Just needs a grab handle (should be able to get one from Bunnings once lockdown is over)


Cheers,bit hard to bend metal until I worked out my metal break( gate on hinge):joy:. Sorry but what’s a rough finder?

Hahaha that’s some good improvisation. the ‘looker’ is just a circle of perspex glued onto the bottom of a piece of PVC pipe. It’s for checking out crevices underwater. Have heard that safety glass is a better idea though - it doesn’t scratch easily like perspex

I made these suction devices in lock down very easy with basic tools and crap lying round in my garage

@jabs Made something similar as a kayak bailer - shifted 20L/min.
Pingpong ball as a non return valve was the key. Would suck the change out of a Scotsmans pocket (I can say that as I’m of that ilk :wink: )


looks like it would have more suck than gram mar with her teeth out

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And just like grandma… She gets the job done boys lol


Go to the two dollar shop and buy there Magnifying glass about $5 and cut the black rim off it , think its about 100mm then get your 100mm P V C pipe and heat the PVC to it is soft and push the glass up about 20mm and run a bead of supper glue round it. Next drill a hole just under the glass at bottom to let the air out when under water. it will not scratch when on the bottom and the gold looks bigger , good luck.


Great idea, cheers!!!

I dont think a ping pong ball will hold up with gravels involved in a gold suction device. :slightly_smiling_face: Besides…you generally want the material to fall back out into a pan, or not, if a retention chamber has been built into it.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

hehe, I just think of the ideas…Up to the user to make them work :grin: