DIY sluice Flare

Hi everyone , I am trying to make a flare for my 10inch sluice , what thickness aluminium and what width at the top should I have ? I am thinking length of 250 mm to fit inside my box for easy transportation .
I have just purchased a dream mat and some 2.8mm riffles for the top end , do you think I need a mesh over the dream mat or will it do the job by itself

Not a gold sniffer myself, but KiwiJW made one out of a roadcone if this is what you’re after…–3-Dredge.aspx

Where abouts did you purchase the riffles from out of interest

Dredge nz In Christchurch

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you dont need anything at all on top of dream matt…nothing at all…

I think he is talking more about a flare at the head of his sluice box, like this.

I used to make these to fit my sluice boxes. Here is a diagram of the measurements.

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That V ripple is a thing of beauty.