Diver needed for dredge

Diver wanted to join Dredging crew next summer.

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where you working?..

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Hi kiwikeith, we will be on the Buller between Murch & the Owen. Have not done a prospecting run yet but hope to have some of it covered in the next couple of weeks

Might be interested in getting my dry suit out of storeage. You can drop me a email with any more info at brian.soper@ clear.net.nz

what size dredge please i could be keen

You will not be dredging in the Buller for the next week at least… judging by the river view looking out my window…


That’s for sure, can just imagine how much is coming down. Hope it quietens down before the frosts start. Have done no prospecting yet as Rob’s had a lot of working going on, with his property while he has machinery up there.
Hope to catch up with you. How long are you home for?

Hi Laidlw1, We have two dredges on the same pontoon, one 2in and the other a 3in. I know these are small, but they are what we have ready to go. I would like to bring my 15in in but I don’t think I would be allowed. But if things go the right way will have no problem putting in a 5in for the next season.

Thats choice i started dredging with an 2 inch now have an 5 inch. 15 inch sounds fun tho. is this full time summer work or just weekends etc

fly out on the 19th…

Hi Laidlw1, I’m picking that after we do the prospecting and if we get the results we are looking for it could well be full time. Like all ventures there ie an outlay of capital to recover and in doing so, hopefully a profit. Cheers.

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Hope we can catch up when you return. Safe travels

Wow, that sounds like a beast! Any photos? I’ve never seen one that big before.

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Hi Gavin, Here’s a couple of pics that will give you some idea. Had a six in HP pump driven by an S.model Bedford motor.


Ok, that is a beast and a half!! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Gday Gavin, yes wished Paydirt was around those days. May have saved me a lot of grief. Sure wished I knew then what I know now.

Gidday there nilecat, would you by any chance be looking at taking on a beginner? Im currently living in greymouth, been doing a bit of dredging on a fellas claim out the coast road, but havent had the oppertunity to have a go at diving. Mainly becaise he hasnt got any dive gear. The biggest dredge ive used is only a 5. At the moment ive been doing a bit of prospecting with a 2" back pack dredge. I live for mining, and am a hard worker just looking to get my foot in the door with someone ready equipped and wanting to teach me everything they know. Let me know if we could make some sort of arrangement, a free set of extra hands if you need it. Even if experience is all i get that would still be hugely appreciated. Cheers Justin, give me a text msg or call if you want to talk 020-411-957-11

Gday Spansky
thanks for the contact. We have just got our dredges completed and have given the 2in a run in a creek at the Buller and all went very well. Regards the diving, we wont be supplying personal gear and will have demand valves and compressor only. I think that it wont be up and running till November but there is nothing to stop us from having a chat about it.
My ph# (03)5485060. Regards Nilecat

Hey again Nile cat, I’m pretty flat out at work at the moment, If you think it will be better to contact you around November I will, And hopefully I have my own dredge to bring up for a play or something. Very interested in meeting up with you and learning new things about dredging.

Gday Spansky,
Yes that sounds pretty good to me, but will have to discuss it with my son but can’t see why not. Where are you domiciled? Would like to have a chat and trade ideas. We are ready to go with a 2in and a 3in and I now have a super snorkel with three diver support and all the diving equipment. Bring on November! Cheers, Nile