Dirt hunt & Gordonia?

Dirt hunt finds…

Not turning much up on the Gordonia Regd. Container though.
Clean…as can be.
1920 half penny, nice EPNS butter knife and a dollar.

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Nice fish knife, if that was on a picnic, they would have been rather posh…

Thought it was butter you could be right. Been a while since I’ve been to a formal dinner. EPNS is posh for the masses, so yeah but no.

sounds like you are wanting info on the gordonia tin,it was the original silk condom,think just after the three widows american brand,found three different brands all have the same type alloy container,the best one has a 20s style ladies fashionable head if i remember right the container has a gold finish to it.

That’s hilarious, definitely pays to hunt in gloves. Fancy plated butter knife wooed her?

I’ve seen a few of those old EPNS butter knives, but that is the most ornate!
Not too difficult to re electroplate, might add value if you sell.

Sadly, that knife had no maker’s mark, in order, only the following (EP) (ON) (NS).

On a different dirt hunt, a CAC round, a Houbigant, France powder compact, internet sources date it 1920s, sadly the mirror broke, if it helps anyone, I got it open with WD-40. I also got two Brit pennies, 1920 and 1938.

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