Deus Swingers - Couple of questions

The bag of goldies is filling up, and they always go to a new toy :slight_smile:

Looking at a Deus with a view to using the wireless aspect for extreme portability.

How feasible would it be to just take the headset and coil in a pack, and fashion a basic manuka shaft once in the bush, or even just grub around on hands and knees under the fern etc holding the coil in the hand? Or am I missing something fundamental with these things?

Looking to head offtrack to an old logging camp, and the collapsed dimensions are still too bulky to fight my way through supplejack etc. and would prefer to have the expensive bits tucked away inside the pack.


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I’m a proud Deus owner since last summer (your winter). The Deus is just great. It’s a deep seeking machine and it’s also very accurate and FAST. One thing I love about it is its portability! Can’t see why you wouldn’t be able to carry the very light shaft with you? It doesn’t take much room in your backpack either :blush:

More the length and sticky out bits than the weight - Only have a small (short) pack and the shaft would stick out over shoulder height. Looking for a sleek, greyhound-like profile :smile: It’s supplejack, Mingimingi, and Bush Lawyer infested gullies to get in there, occasional patches of Ongaonga to keep you on your toes too!

Had a reccy at the original track, but it’s long since vanished and been reclaimed by even more ratbag plants - Easier to go through the native.

At least it means no can tabs!

What about using some short pvc pipes and fit them into each other telescopically?

If you had to make a Manuka shaft, it might be difficult to find something straight enough, and you’t have to make a hole in the end for coil attachment. Possibly some more holes for attaching handle end also. You could make a small coil attachement that fastens like a pipe over the wood shaft though.

Perhaps you want to get rid of the shaft and handle? :sunglasses:

Doesn’t have to be straight, and was thinking an ‘L’ shaped branch fork and a couple of cable ties for the swingy end.

There’s a good chance it’ll be so tight at the main camp I’ll likely just drop down into the stream an focus on that (being a natural focal point for everyone at the camp)

Wouldn’t be so bad if that handle separated from the two shaft sections.

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I’m thinking more scrub fire​:fire::fire::fire::fire:

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I have had my Deus for just over a year and have to say I love it (had a CScope before) It does pack down and is very light. I have had pack it in several times and it doesn’t quite fit in a School size back pack, so I use my old mountaineering pack, or my wife’s smaller pack. Anything around 600mm deep.
You can just use the bottom shaft with coil and headphones, which would be really lightweight although I use the remote alot so would take that to adjust settings. I think it would be easy to find something to attach the coil to - you could make an extension for the lower shaft.out of wood.

One thing to consider is that the batteries are all internal, so while they do last a good while between charges, a USB power pack would be handy to recharge in he field.

What about a Minelab SDC2300? Fully waterproof, pulse induction and folds up in to
a backpack. Same frame as the military version.


@Metalkiwi - Heh, be a couple more years swinging before I’ve lifted enough goldies for a 2300.

Now the 'Nox is out in the field, there should be some good deals around on a Deus I reckon.

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if you are just going to use a Y shaped branch, y not forget the detector altogether and simply divine for gold. No batteries needed.


Going start with a Garrett yellow peril “doorbell” and hack it into an ultra-compact. If it doesn’t work, I can always bury it on a beach somewhere.