Deteknix XPointer

Hi Team, Has anyone out there got, using, or tested, a Deteknix XPointer? If so, what are your thoughts on these units?
Also, is there anyone in NZ selling them? I was thinking of getting the Wader model.

Hi, they are awesome. Last i heard some were getting them from Oz as there were none here in NZ.
There is a link here somewhere and i hear the service is trustworthy and good.


Hi, I bought one about 15 months ago from a metal detecting business based in Dunedin. Sorry, but I cannot remember the company’s name. I have been using my Deteknix XPointer regularly every weekend and it hasn’t ‘falsed’ once, has been sustainably reliable. It hasn’t missed a beat! The only thing that has been annoying is recharging my batteries regularly, however this is no fault of the manufacturers. In sum, it has been a real valuable ‘find’. - Steve

Hi Steve, Be weary when using rechargeable batteries. An Energizer 9V rechargeable is only 8.4 Volts not 9V and has an output of 175 mAh. The XPointer draws 8 mA while in use. If the light is on it chews through 47 mA. This roughly calculates out to around 90 minutes of use if your lucky. Whereas an Energizer MAX 9V should last you about 4 hours continual use. I don’t think using a rechargeable battery will do the unit any harm it’s just irritating. Cheers

Again im fairly sure there are no Detechnix pointers avaliable in NZ which is a shame.
These are the guys in Oz a few have used with success.



Cheers for the link Shane. I’m going over to Melbourne first week in Feb so I’ll try and get up to see them then.

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