Detectorist required

Anyone in the Hororata area, Canterbury with a detector? Dougal King has lost and expensive tool inside a 200 tonne grain silo. Silo still has 50 tonne grain in it but tool should be within detecting range.
Contact No 027 4058899
Good luck

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Has the lost tool been recovered yet?

Apologies if lemon sucking here @mothmyth , but grain silos aren’t a safe environment without the gear and training.
Google “grain entrapment” for starters. Then Atmospheric testing, then confined space rescue procedures, then…

Grain silos are probably in the top 5 for farm deaths (in the States, where they’re more common than NZ)

Of course, if you’re trained in confined space operations, I tip my hat and wish you luck.

My guess is the tool will be ferrous, in which case I’d be lowering a salvage Neo magnet in there whilst standing in the fresh air before setting up the ropes and rescue haul systems

Hi Mothmyth

Did not hear back so don’t know. (It will probadly turn up in someones loaf of bread)

I think the guys working inside were registered for confined spaces.


Yeah, wasn’t sure if the guys who lost the tool were competent Confined Space or just regular ‘civilians’… concerned about a keen detectorist going in there without realising.

There was a guy down that way earlier this year nearly lost out when the silo started discharging while he was in it.

Best bet would be one of the industrial abseilers down there - I’m also intrigued what the tool would be?

Yes that was going to be my next question…
if The tool is still lost and detectorist is still required, and given that grain silos are notoriously dangerous places, how can i be of assistance? i have a machine that only takes a few minuites to learn to use, so i imagine that teaching a person who knows how to negotiate the silo how to use the detector would be the prefered solution.

Was it recovered? Interested to know…

Hi dg
No I never heard back. :face_with_monocle: