Detectore Help Please

Hi Folks

I’m wanting to detect for pay steaks in the river bed, and the obvious way to do it would be to detect for high concentrations of black sand mineralisation. Now I have minelab detectors that when set up will do their best to ground balance out the mineralisation, which is what I’m going to be looking for. My initial thoughts are to ground balance it in the air and leave it in fixed mode, will this work, or would I better off with a detector that displays the strength of signal, rather than trying to work it out with my ears where the strongest scretching like a banshee is? if a different detector is required what would you recommend?

Which model Minelab are you using GE?

GP 3500 is what I will use, not very experienced with it, but all I’m trying to find is most concentrated areas of mineralisation.

Probably best to just have a go. The 3500 is a good machine. Perhaps use headphones if you are concerned about hearing the targets. Good luck.


thanks, but worried that it might just all be white noise with no real indication of where the most concentration of mineralisation is, probably adjusting the threashhold accordingly will do the trick.
The idea is to set up for dredging without the need to sample across the river to find mineral paystreak.

Well i would get hold of some black magnetite sand from where somebody has been cutting steel. Doesent matter wether you grind steel, or cut it with a disc, or with oxy-acetelene, or plasma, or laser, or anything that makes sparks. The result will be piles of black gritty stuff which can be picked up with a magnet. Take some of this and put blobs of different sizes at various depths on/in your lawn somewhere and hey presto, you have a testing area.