Detector for underwater sniping AND land detecting

Is there such a thing? I like to get into pools where the water is still surrounded by bedrock etc, ie higher than chest high deep. If its crystal clear water I like to snipe, nothing like brushing some sand and seeing a shiny picker, doesnt have to be big, its the find that this hobby is all about.

But I also once something powerful like the gpx4500 for when on land?

Any tips?

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Sounds like you need the Minelab SDC 2300 -

I’ve got one myself and love it, though I haven’t been using mine fully submerged yet.

The Nox 800 is waterproof down to 3 meters and is great on gold wet or dry Will pick up fine gold others miss too

Thanks guys. How deep into ground will these underwater units pickup gold?

If the nugget’s the size of a car, bloody deep I’d imagine :wink: In all seriousness, it depends on the size of the nugget. I think a very general rule of thumb is the width of the coil is about the rough depth you can expect.

Is it possible to adjust the minelab 2300 coils/size?

I was looking at a Garret vs the Minelab 4500. Whilst the Minelab was slightly stronger, there wasnt much in it at 18 inches and he Garret was 1/3 the Minelab price. Im wondering if there is anything in underwater gear similar, ie alternatives to the 2300?

Given I want to free dive/snipe, what is the best way to find spots on public lakes that have eddies or pools that have waterfalls off them where water collects above chest deep etc?

Will my 5mm spearfishing suit be warm enough in the south or should I go a 7mm? I could just do a 7mm vest over the top. Likely will only be fossicking in summer during holidays to start.

This is a bizarre hobby, Im watching fossicing videos of Qld and the USA wishing I didnt have to work in big cities or Id move to the SI just for this hobby haha

Coiltek have bought out some replacement SDC coils, but I believe it means the SDC is no longer waterproof afterwards as it was never designed to have the coil swapped out.

I use a 7mm spearfishing wettie and that keeps me toasty. Though it’s a pain in the arse lubing yourself to get into the thing!

Haha Gavin Im a Spearo so use to getting in and out weekly. You do use dish washing soapy water into the suit before getting in?

That sounds ok, as I only planned on using the bigger coils for bedrock/dirt and using it stock for under the water. Hmmmm

Would Google Maps work for finding some sniping spots before hiking?

Yep, using cheap hair conditioner to lube into suit (after trying and researching various options). I must admit there was some quick Googling going on when it first arrived and I’d attempted to get into it dry - first time I had one of these type of neoprene suits before :stuck_out_tongue: