Detector for sale

Hi…I’m selling my Gold Bug 2 …it comes with headphones I bought separately and a crevice tool… Detector and crevice tool bought from Daniel Gerber, the headphones purchased locally (Cromwell)…twin coils, mint condition (the machine is only three weeks old… I have bought another machine of Daniel (Equinox 800) as I think the versatility of the 800 suits me more…the headphones cost $160…I’m realistic about offers but I’m not going to give it away…would like $1350 or VERY near offer…I live near Cromwell in Central Otago…Hit me up for any info…P.S it has done only approximately 6hours and found a piece of gold



Seriously I would keep both as I find the gold bug will find gold deeper than my Equinox or my Gold Monster. I have also found it far easier to get out of kilter with my Equinox as the setting confuse me badly and have abandoned it in favour of the Gold Monster which is ace. Up in Central my bloody Gold monster was finding gold I never wanted to waste time on! It would give a huge beep in the gravel and it took me ages to find what I knew was a HUGE nugget only to find that it was a tiny fucking flake!


I’m in no rush to sell but if someone is interested for the right price I’ll sell…looking forward to learning how to operate the nox correctly